Trademarkathon VIP Experience

Trademarkathon VIP Experience

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Launching on Sunday, October 9, 2022 
2 PM to 6 PM (EST)
Rockville, MD
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Kick off 2022 the right way in your business and trademark your brand!

In this Live 4 hour virtual workshop you will uncover the Trademark Truth®️ and gain real knowledge about trademarks.  It will be a jam packed session teaching you everything you need to know about doing your own trademark. 

  • The VIP Experience Includes the following:
  • -Access to the exclusive Pre- Q & A Session
  • -Access to the Pre-Recorded DIY Trademark Truth Course
  • -Sample of Cease & Desist Letter Used By Shawntia Maria
  • -Copy of the Trademark Truth Checklist

  • Here's What You Will Learn in the Workshop!

  • - What is a Trademark?
  • ​- Why Should you Trademark?
  • ​- The Trademark Process
  • ​- Types of Marks
  • ​- Specimens
  • ​- Trademark Application Forms
  • ​- Trademark ID Manual
  • ​- What is a Trademark Search?
  • ​- How to Conduct a Trademark Search
  • ​- In Use vs. Intent to Use Applications
  • ​- Principal vs. Supplemental Register
  • ​- Trademark Document & Retrieval System
  • ​- The Trademark Official Gazette
  • ​- Disclaimers
  • ​- Voluntary Amendment Forms
  • ​- Walk Through of a Trademark Application
  • ​- Maintaining & Enforcing Your Trademark

  • Disclaimer: Shawntia Maria is not an attorney and does not provide legal advice or participate in legal representation. Communication with Shawntia does not constitute legal advice. Shawntia provides general information about the trademark process and is not affiliated with the USPTO and does not guarantee trademark registration. Please seek an attorney for legal advice.